Sunday, 19 March 2017

2017 A Year of Positivity...

I decided that this year, 2017 is going to be a good year!

Life felt like I couldn't step of the merry go round towards the end of 2016

After our annual trip to Brighton it was decided; I'm moving forward, onwards and upwards only!

A set back with the naming of my candles has been an opportunity to totally change the name & give them their own identity
There is already a succesful brand which sounded almost identical...
...But that is a post for another day

After lots of tea I've decided to keep Priddy Priddy Vintage running

Despite the neglect it goes through during winter I do keep an eye on things, the odd listing and making sure that any enquiries are answered
I'm looking forward to stocking the cupboards with beautiful things for you all

From this gorgeous little F&F Japan porcelain sea conch - just what a mermaid needs in her life!

To the timeless Sylvac Clam Shell vase

which when filled with gorgeous blooms transforms into something like this

More of the ever useful and yet still pretty Woods Ware Beryl range

To handy, practical and oh so pretty storage tins

And I still cant pass a little piece of Hornsea by, so many happy seaside holiday memories

I enjoy the collecting of these things but not as much as I enjoy sharing them with you.

So I make no promises to post more regularly here on the blog and I can't promise that I'll update the shop weekly

But I do promise to share some truly Priddy things with you

Friday, 14 October 2016

Apothecary Jars...

Amber Glass Apothecary Jars

Real life has been keeping me far too busy!
I've spent what little time at home  I've had happily in the kitchen making these gorgeous little beauties.

They give of the warmest glow and look stylish when they're waiting for a bit of love!

Just in time for Autumn 

Spiced Orange
Oranges , Cinnamon & Cloves
A fantastic scent throw both hot and cold

Available in 500g and 120g

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Travel Tin Candles...

Handy sized Travel Tin Candles are being added to my core range.

Perfect for guest rooms, bathrooms and those days when you don't want to burn your gorgeous Pure Copper Candles!

100g / 4oz candle made using the same quality ingredients that go into ALL my candles.

I like to leave all my candles in their Natural colour, each oil/scent gives a slight variation to the gorgeous ivory. 

The lids keep the candle dust and debris free, making them perfect for the rooms where they might not get burnt daily or if you have pets it helps keep their hairs out!

Available to buy from my Etsy shop

As I make these myself I can easily customise them to make super sweet wedding or party favours in your chosen scent.

More scents being added to the range but please drop me a line
if I can help tailor something for you.

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Priddy Copper Candles in 'Bake Off'...

I think I will aim to introduce one scent a month.  A scent that will reflect the season and its celebrations.

With that, this month March I give you...

'Bake Off'
Inspired by the 
Great British Bake Off
Valeries Patisserie

Smells like a warm cinnamon swirl with a hint of whipped cream...its a lazy Sunday morning sat in Vals
This is the candle I light when I settle down to watch The Great British Bake Off

I made a batch of these on Saturday morning and when the younger kiddos came home from football and hockey practice they asked if I'd been baking!

Wouldn't they make a wonderful alternative to an Easter Egg?  
It smells so yummy and lasts beyond...

Wish I could have had these out in time for Mothers Day, a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and a yummy smelling candle!
Still there's always next year

A chunky 300g candle that give 48+ hours burn time.

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Luxury Soy Copper Candles...

Luxury Scented Soy Candles
in Pure Copper Pots

My timing may be a bit off, I may not have these into the Etsy shop in time for Mothers Day 2016...


sometimes the really good things REALLY are worth waiting for!

Priddy Priddy Luxury Copper Candles use

...Soy Wax 
{as Soy Candles give a cleaner burn in comparison to the cheaper paraffin wax candles}

...the finest oils/fragrances to give a beautiful scent throw.
{all oils are IFRA certified}

...and for the Luxury Pure Copper range I've chosen wooden wicks, which give a long burn time and make a most relaxing gentle fireside crackle as they burn.

Each Priddy Priddy candle is hand poured in small batches by me, here in England. 

I burn a tester for each batch to ensure that quality is maintained.

In essence I invest a lot of time and care into every candle that leaves my little home.

There has been a lot of testing of scents to find a core range, lots of testing of wicks, testing burn times, 

By night...

By day...

all to get them just so.

Pure Copper containers, these really are Luxurious

I can't not post about the CLP labelling!  
{It's all a bit boring but all thoroughly necessary to sell these beautiful candles}

Oh the labelling is hard work.

Legislation came into effect last year that ALL candles now need proper CLP labels.

Well that's quite a bit of work, investment and stress for a small business like myself.

But I am happy to say that ALL Priddy Priddy candles will conform to CLP legislation.  

Something I'm really quite proud of.

Finally wholesale enquiries please email

Monday, 15 February 2016

Sweet Valentine...

Do you 'do' Valentines Day?

We don't, never have and really don't think we ever will.

I do however help out at a florist over the busy times of the year and it seems many, many people do!

The workshop has been a sea of gorgeous flowers

Traditional red roses, 

Naomi and Freedom being my favourites the more modern, spring bouquets

Which if anyone was to think about buying me flowers this would be quite perfect!

So many sweet smelling flowers.

A short break before I'm back there to help out with the Mothers Day orders

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Filing Cabinet Makeover...

Shortly before Christmas I pulled a pretty disgusting looking set of filing cabinet drawers out of a skip.  

It had been in a barn for the past 15 years, was covered in all-sorts and in fairness looking at it the skip might have been the best place for it.

Undeterred I gave it a quick bash to knock off the dead spiders and webs, emptied the drawers back into the skip, called my other half and waited.
He raised his eyebrows and he may have tutted at the state of it going into the car, but home it came.

I gave it a complete wash down with bleach and water and it was rough but it was salvageable. 

There were rust spots, the handles had rusted and it was a very dull grey.

It lived under a cover on the patio over Christmas, which didn't help with the general rough and readiness of it.

I spoke to the chaps who do the spray work for us, a sandblast should get rid of the rust spots, old paint and general grottiness.

Initially I was going to go for a turquoise 
ala Lazy Daisy Jones...

(photo credit to Lazy Daisy Jones blog)

Pretty damned gorgeous isn't it?


at the moment I've got a project on the go which involves copper and I'm hoping to use them as a photographic prop.

I resisted having a true copper re-spray and went instead with a burnt orange,
 which will sit nicely against my newly painted grey wall!

And so Voila

I love it!  A true one off!

Perhaps one day it will make it to my workshop/craft space....
more likely not though as I'm still waiting 5+ years down the line for that to be a reality!